Creator IoT Framework across hardware platforms

Unlike many proprietary systems that lock the software to the hardware, the open source Creator IoT Framework can be implemented across multiple hardware platforms without tie-in. Today there are examples instances of the Creator IoT Framework running on Ingenic (Ci20 board), Mediatek (MT7688 LinkIt board), Qualcomm (Onion board) and Microchip (Digilent Wi-Fire board and MikroE 6LoWPAN clicker board) silicon platforms with more to come. At Embedded World 2017 we’ll be showing off the LWM2M + IPSO object framework running on the Mediatek MT7688 LinkIt module as part of a broader system.

Creator IoT Framework meets Node.js

Great news for node.js Creator Ci40 IoT fans out there, there is now a Creator-js-client live on the Javascript package manager NPM, an online resource for node.js modules.

The Creator-js-client interfaces the Node.js world to the Creator IoT Framework. This allows data to flow all the way from IoT edge devices to your web application and back, traversing IoT hubs and connecting IoT sensor data to the cloud on the way. All of this in a free open source secure LWM2M + IPSO object framework that delivers scalability, accelerated time to market and interoperability across silicon vendors and device manufacturers.

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Creator Ci40 enables industrial IoT

To help solve both the technical and digital value chain complexities for the next generation of industrial systems, the Creator team are excited to support a new industrial connectivity platform and ecosystem initiative named “The Connectivity Foundry”. Working with founding partners FourDotZero, Quidgest and Zeugma, Creator have put together a demo showing how partners collaborate through the platform ecosystem to develop end-to-end industrial solutions. To learn more about this new initiative, visit the Imagination stand at Embedded World.

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