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Creator provides an IoT Framework for professionals and businesses that wish to connect and manage devices in a scaleable (cost effective) manner, securely while interoperating with other devices, old and new.

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Everything you need to get your IoT devices securely connected and managed in one place, open-source and free

The Creator IoT Framework makes it easy to get your devices (constrained edge devices or resource richer hubs) connected to, and managed by, the cloud.

Based on open-standards such as the OMAs’ (Open Mobile Alliance) LWM2M protocol coupled with IPSO objects the Creator IoT framework provides a free and flexible open-source structure that connects constrained (edge) devices through IoT hubs (access points/routers) up to a device server (public or private cloud) that can be hosted anywhere.

Think of the framework as the ‘control plan’ for IoT. That is, it’s about being able to interoperate with; and incorporate devices from, various manufactures while managing all your connected devices over-the-air. And importantly being able to and scale (add more devices) easily without costs (bandwidth & data) getting out of control.

Complete Open-source Reference Design

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Built on top of common wired & wireless IoT network stacks such as CoAP, 6LoWPAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet or GSM, the Creator IoT framework avoids any preparatory lock-in by working in the open-source community and publishing the framework via Github.

This allows for open collaboration (others can work with or for you), contribution if you wish to improve or add anything back, while still controlling your own destiny backed by a wider eco-system of makers and professional developers.

Building a professional IoT solution where developers need to be able to control, monitor and manage devices 24/7 requires addressing four key challenges. Namely:

  1. Being able to scale cost effectively
  2. Having a secure & robust platform
  3. Having a framework that is able to interoperate with devices old and new, of different types, and from a range of different sources
  4. Is open-source avoiding proprietary lock-ins and meaning it’s easy to find help should it be required.
Manage 1000’s of devices, Control costs
Provision, Establish trust, Manage keys
IPSO compliant, LWM2M based
Creator Product Life-cycle
The Creator IoT framework allows you to manage the IoT device life cycle in an open and secure manner. If terms such as ‘predictive maintenance’, ‘efficiency’, ‘cost reduction’ and ‘service’ are more important to you than ‘hack’ then the Creator IoT framework is for you. Designed for professionals developing IoT solutions and needing to manage hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of devices across an entire life cycle and provide a service on top of the devices, the Creator IoT framework offers and flexible and open-source solution.
Creator IoT framework
Rapidly develop your IoT solution using the Creator certified boards, such as the Ci40, and Creator IoT framework (Device server + AWA LWM2M device management ) using Open source & open standards. Creator provides a non proprietary solution that can be taken and hosted anywhere.